Registered Veterinary

Who are Registered Veterinary Technologists/Technicians?

Registered Veterinary Technologists/Technicians (RVTs) are formally educated and trained professionals working as integral members of the veterinary health care team. RVTs contribute to the essential service of veterinary medicine through their knowledge of animal health, understanding of zoonotic diseases, use of personal protective equipment, disinfection, and disease control. RVTs help to ensure the safety of the food chain for Canadians, as well as protect the human-animal bond by keeping animals healthy.

Go to Who are RVTs? for more information.

Career planning

Being an RVT means having a rewarding career with limitless* opportunities.

(*Limited only by information and imagination. Information is where this website comes in; imagination is up to you!)

Career planning is about researching, discovering, preparing and imagining the options and opportunities. Then finding the right fit. This is important to remember throughout your career. Not all veterinary practices, research laboratories, colleges or animal rehabilitation organizations, to name a few, are managed the same way, have the same culture and the same opportunities. Explore various opportunities, stay focused and find what suits you and your aspirations.

Career opportunities

While many new RVTs following graduation find employment in veterinary hospitals and research labs, there are many other areas where an RVT can focus their career:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical supply companies
  • Pet nutrition companies
  • Animal shelters
  • Zoos and wildlife parks
  • Wildlife research stations
  • Animal care services at universities
  • Research laboratories/facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Government veterinary laboratories
  • Wildlife rehabilitation centres
  • Feedlots/ranches/dairy farms/etc.
  • Equine training facilities
  • Self-employment/Entrepreneurship

Continuing education

Continuing education is integral to being the best RVT you can and staying on top of the ever changing area of veterinary medicine. It’s also a key component to maintaining your registration status (see Becoming an RVT for more information).

There are many ways you can continue to learn and upgrade your knowledge: take a course offered by an accredited institution (some courses are available online while others require you to be there in person); attend accredited industry conferences; take part in webinars; etc.

Continuing education is also a requirement for maintaining Registered Veterinary Technologist/Technician status. Check with your provincial association’s regulations for specific details.

Course offerings change regularly so keep checking the Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada’s continuing education portal.

RVTTC continuing
education portal

This online education portal has hundreds of online courses on a variety of veterinary related topics. Register and create your profile to access the most relevant courses for you. You’ll be able to track, record and submit both online and live events. Tune in often to see new courses as they become available.

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